Friday, April 12, 2013

How to record with the Smart - Board (a video demo) and the first results come in...

Dear interested readers!

How are you? I'm validated! Today we marked our Maths assessment (Part 1) and the results are pretty strong. There is no doubt it is an improvement on last year's results at this time.

I have only had a brief flick through the test papers, but it is clear to see that...

a) the results are better than this time last year
b) the students have demonstrated significant improvement since the beginning of the year

There is also no doubt the students like the videos. Here is a comment that popped up on EDMODO...

So that's a nice bit of unsolicted (I promise) feedback.

So early results - FLIP classroom.. can work better for me. (And if it doesn't improve learning outcomes then what is the point?) I will not throw in the bin along with 'whole language' just yet.

That said, it is important to note that students are not just watching the videos at home. They are watching videos in spare moments in class. They are watching videos when I'm teaching another lesson to the bulk of the class that is not relevant to them (because the video watcher can already do it).

Further to this we spend some time after a pre-assessment, watching different videos as a cohort specific to our identified personal weaknesses.

Would you like a video on how to use the smartboard to screencast? That is, how to record on your smartboard? So you can share this with your students?

If you would.. here it is....
It is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds long....
Happy holidays Aussie teachers!

Matt Burns

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