Sunday, January 18, 2015

6 month delay...(it was worth it)

Dear flippers,

I have been busy - and so have not been blogging as much as I'd like to.

Reasons why

1. My wife and I had a baby. He is awesome - but means that blogging has taken a serious hit.

2. I started a Masters of Educational Technology at Wollongong University. A great course - fantastic research - but again - not much time for blogging.

I am aware that I had data to post re: last years flip experiment?

I hope to post that more formally shortly. For now - the results of the 'flip out' were (roughly) as follows.

Here it is:

The students performed as well Multiplication and Division (fully flipped) and they did in Addition and Subtraction (partially flipped).

But worthy of note: Multiplication and Division is typically a more difficult area of study.

And furthermore - qualitatively, the students FAR preferred the flipped method.

So did I. FAR more time could be spent assisting individuals and groups of students with problem-solving or other learning challenges.

In fact, I have taken the flipped learning model and applied it to as much of my classroom as I possibly can - including Science, HSIE and English.

I aim to go into more detail about this shortly. For now - please remember  - if you want to talk flipping I am at or can be reached at @BurnsMatthew on twitter.

I have also started to consult in NSW primary and high schools with regards to flipping (or blending) the classroom. If you are interested in having me come along to speak to your staff, details can be found here:

Keep flipping!

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