Sunday, March 30, 2014

Well. It's only been about a year since I posted. Let's recap.

1. Discovered Project-Based Learning. 

A bit of a convert. I suspect it is not the holy-grail of education for eternity, but there is a lot of good things about it. As such it is now a heavy component of my classroom, alongside teaching necessary content with my videos. Find out about PBL here...

2.  Linked PBL theory with FLIP practise

As mentioned - have fairly heavily linked FLIP classroom with the theory of project-based learning. "The two work very well hand in hand. Vids allow direct instruction...whilst in class project allows for vids to be used as information resources in achieving projects aims. In a nut-shell - PBL project generally engages students more than standard 'at desk' work. Student's learning is largely self-directed.

3. Really have stopped FLIPPING as much. More about BLENDING.

More of a fan of using videos in class, than as homework. Students can watch different vids in class as they work on separate lessons. Still set some vids for home - but very impressed by how liberating it can be to have multiple lessons on hand in video form when students require them - in class.


An engaging way for students to develop comprehension skills. Learn about reciprocal teaching here...

Perhaps you would like to peruse the many vids I have made?

Than check out...

Plenty to see....

I have also started to consult in NSW primary and high schools with regards to flipping (or blending) the classroom. If you are interested in having me come along to speak to your staff, details can be found here:

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