Saturday, May 3, 2014


Dear all,

I have launched on another grand experiment. I am 100 percent blending the classroom. That means for our complete Multiplication and Division unit I have gone TOTAL VIDEO.

No teacher to class teaching at all. Plenty of teacher to group, or to individual where needed (because I have more hands on time) but none of the aforementioned.

Students work throughout the maths unit, videos and tasks via our self-created google site. The lessons are listed in prescribed sequence, with instructions, and so are the tasks.

Early results are pleasing. Students like being able to rewind, restart, forward through videos. Videos are all assessment task critical. There is no fluff. The students know this. The qualitative assessment is partially in - so far students prefer this way. It is HEAVILY differentiated as they move at their own pace, watching simpler or more complex instructional videos as required.

I am then linking videos directly to specified Mathletics (an online student/teacher maths program) tasks so I can get instant feedback as to how students are progressing. All on my screen. No maths sheets. They simply use their books for working out. Seriously - it's like a class from the future. I just need a white suit. Everyone needs a white suit.

If the students do not perform adequately at the online task, they re-watch key parts of the video, or I intervene - teacher to student. I often give the students the choice; some re-watch the video; they know exactly where to go. Others prefer to be taught by myself directly. This type of formative assessment, and then targeted teaching, is in practice very simple. Thanks to Mathletics, I have their performance data, on my screen in real time. At a glance I am able to see who is succeeding or not, and at what tasks. I then become involved where and when necessary. And of course, I generally have the time to do so. Because I am not so busy 'teaching' I can spare the time for tutorials.

Next: Quantitative research. Has the total blend improved Maths results?

I can provide this information soon, by comparing this student bodies results with this total flip course, with results on earlier material which was only partially flipped. At this point this is the best I can do.

Looking forward to that.

Have also launched a new model of teaching. Calling it Teach, Together, Try. Basically an alliterated version of I do, We do, They do - based on the theories of gradual release teaching. Getting back to basics. Here's a video to check out if you are interested. Basically I am asking students questions in the video, and by correctly or incorrectly answering they can chart their progress. A little 'assessment as learning'' there.

That is, I Teach the skill. We do the skill Together. And then they Try the skill by themselves. Sound like common sense teaching? I hope so.

Here's a demo:

Dividing by ten 1: Teach, Together, Try

Reach me at if you ever want to talk FLIPPING (or blending)!

I have also started to consult in NSW primary and high schools with regards to flipping (or blending) the classroom. If you are interested in having me come along to speak to your staff, details can be found here:

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