Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Why I Flip the Classroom

Sometimes a little moment occurs which neatly sums up exactly why I flip the classroom.

I won't write much because I'd rather you just watch the video.

Meet Nicholas.

Here is one reason why I flip the classroom. This happens all the time.

Nicholas missed out on key parts of the lesson. He found himself at home not knowing how to proceed with the homework. He remembers I mentioned the videos. He finds them. He watches them. He watches more. They help him. He takes his own notes...totally independently. 

He didn't find the videos useful. 

He found them very useful.

This stuff is easy to do. The problem is, once you start you won't stop. If you are interested in starting to make screencasts and flip your own classroom you can click here. 

Alternatively, email me at mattburns1976@gmail.com and we can talk about me coming to visit your school. Tweet me at @BurnsMatthew. 

Or come along to FlipCon Sydney 2017, or the AIS DigiStem conference 2017 - and we can chat!

Flipped Classroom Consultant
P: 0411 824 123

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